Jakob Minevich

New York, New York

Jakob Minevich is an actor and artist based in New York City. He has appeared in a variety of theatrical productions in the city including “As You Like It,” and “Love’s Labor’s Lost” in Bryant Park, “Cymbeline” in Central Park, “The Tomb” at the Governors Island Arts Festival, and “Knocking on Woodstock” at the Manhattan Theatre Festival. He has appeared in media productions including “Foiled”, “Sterno” and “Creed 2”. He wishes to note that he is not the scion of a Russian oligarch who is bent on undermining the moral integrity of the global technology industry. He plays one in an audio drama.

Roles: Mr. Minevich has played Victor Numerov in “How Not To Suck At Consulting” and other series. He plays Chad Dockerly, reporter, in “What Big Tech Doesn’t Know About Washington.” He has been with the audio drama since 2018.