International Radio Drama Festival 2024

"Life is a Dream (or at least a wee nap) has been selected as a Feature Presentation at the 2024 UK International Radio Drama Festival.  Canterbury, UK March 25-29, 2024.

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    Recent Episodes


    Rosy Fingered Dawn stretches her hand across the morning sky.

    As least that is what one of Chorus believes.

    (He’s kind of that way.  The other is not so sure.)

    A little snippet of a classic story in a modern setting about a timeless conflict.

    “Life is a Dream (or at least a wee nap”)

    New full-ength drama from HWMS Audio Theatre.


    What is real?

    When we’re awake?  Or when we’re asleep.

    A Dublin business has spent twenty years carefully crafting her company, her position, her identity.

    No one questions her role.

    She gets the business.  She gets the revenue.  She pays the salaries.

    She is in control of all, until a memory from the past appears and starts to ask a few questions.

    A new approach to a classic story.








    Two lost souls wandering the streets and getting wet.


    A first look at a new show on an old  subject with a classic approach.


    Fancy Club.

    Fatty Foods.

    Formal Music in the Background.

    This is where business is done.

    Or where we believe business is done.

    Or perhaps where we pretend that something like business might be done on a good day with a favorable wind.

    Three investors try to out bluff each other.


    Bread Crumbs.

    Paths we find for ourselves.

    Paths we leave for others.

    The lessons we learn along the way.

    The gratitude we find with each step.

    A monologue of an African American Family history by Geoffrey Grier of San Francisco Recovery Theatre in collaboration with AfroSolo.

    A Studio Version of the live performance at Potrero Stage, San Francisco, CA September 27, 2022.