International Radio Drama Festival 2024

"Life is a Dream (or at least a wee nap) has been selected as a Feature Presentation at the 2024 UK International Radio Drama Festival.  Canterbury, UK March 25-29, 2024.

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    Recent Episodes


    How do you measure the distance to death?

    How close is close?

    How can you possibly make a clear decision when the dark cloud passes by your door?

    And how you possibly study it when its effects swirl about you?

    Monologue from the upcoming production by HWMS Audio Theatre: “Your Results May Vary.”



    For any mental heal professional, one patient follows another.

    When the walls are thin enough, (as they often were for Black doctors in the 1960s, one patient can hear the session can hear the prior session.

    So now our psych faces a patient who objects to the advice given in the an earlier patient. He has “do no harm,” try to provide a little help to a patient in need, and make sense of his own thoughts at this time.

    A second scene from the practice of a San Franciscan Black Psychiatrist.



    San Francisco

    Once the Harlem of the West.

    Once a city with a vibrant and exciting Black culture.

    It then faces the Civil Rights movement.

    The Black Power Movement.

    And a pair of Black Psychiatrists trying to make sense of of this thing called racism


    Rosy Fingered Dawn stretches her hand across the morning sky.

    As least that is what one of Chorus believes.

    (He’s kind of that way.  The other is not so sure.)

    A little snippet of a classic story in a modern setting about a timeless conflict.

    “Life is a Dream (or at least a wee nap”)

    New full-ength drama from HWMS Audio Theatre.


    What is real?

    When we’re awake?  Or when we’re asleep.

    A Dublin business has spent twenty years carefully crafting her company, her position, her identity.

    No one questions her role.

    She gets the business.  She gets the revenue.  She pays the salaries.

    She is in control of all, until a memory from the past appears and starts to ask a few questions.

    A new approach to a classic story.