16210: The Omnipurpose Negotiator


A crisis with Evelyn-the-Business-Manager leads to a discussion of organizational operations, negotiation in the work place and to a preview of the new podcast season – which includes interviews with the historian of technology, George Dyson.

This episode introduces new cast member, Margaux Amie.


Janus Cones
evelyn coneJanus Cones are graphical tools for organizing events and activities in a way that allow you to see the trends and forces that are shaping people, or organizations, and businesses. They can deal with personal events, global themes and everything in between. Here we have the kind of cone that Evelyne would have done to reject her personal perspective.  It is one of the cones that Tamara asked her to do.



16205: Holding up the House of Cards


A letter to the editor. A change of staff. A new idea. A pitch to the CEO when the CTO would do. And a moment of chaos. The new series of How We Manage Stuff begins by asking how we handle changes in the technological environment.


Note on Scrum Sessions & Letter to the Editor:

HWMS actually did receive an inquiry about the length of Scrum sessions. The answer came from a paper presented at the 2012 Agile conference by Shiohama et al. There is not a large literature on this question, which is perhaps why it came to our attention. For those of you who do not know Scrum methods, they are a variation of Lean production or Agile development. One of its features is that it divides the task into short term goals. The entire development team will work towards these goals in an intense activity that is often called a sprint. Usually, the term “scrum” refers to the morning meeting or “standup” that occurs during the sprint.


16165: The Binge – Don Shafer, The Cycle of Continuous Improvement, Pierre Bourque


A binge of three episodes.  A binge for your workout.  A binge for your commute.  Or just a binge to catch up on the episodes that you missed.

This binge has three episodes from the fall.  In the first Don Shafer of the Athens group talks about deadlines and why software projects can run late.  In the second , Rohit our overly enthusiastic IT guy, explains why Walter P Shewhart, the inventor of the cycle of continuous improvement is so important.  In the last, Pierre Bourque tells us about the Software Engineering Body of Knowledge and why you should know about it, even if you don’t use it.



Episode 15316: Binge on a new Idea



Anna-the-Intern one more substitutes for the missing hosts and introduces this binge episode that incorporates the three episodes that started the discussion on Agile methods & Management:


210: What’s in a name?

220: What is new about Agile?

230: The Agile Manifesto



Episode 15313: Binge Episode – The Aspects of Agile



Anna-the-Intern introduces this binge episode that incorporates three discussions of Agile Development & Management:


240: How fast is fast enough

250: The Agile Designer

2600: What you see is what you get