Mr. Skippy

Mr. Skippy is an actor and border collie from Pocatello, Idaho. He is a graduate of the Royal Academy of Canine Dramatic Arts in London. He has played Crab in Shakespeare’s “Two Gentleman of Verona” for companies in Europe and the United States, Sylvia in A.R. Gurney’s play of the same name, Wellington in the “Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night”, Lucky in Lee Blessing’s “Chesapeake”, and Astra in the Broadway adaptation of “The Thin Man”. He is well known for his solo interpretations of the work of Tom Stoppard including “Doggs Hamlet and Cahoots Macbeth” and “The Dog It Was That Died”.

Roles: Mr. Skippy plays a dog called Skippy who appears “How Not To Suck at Consulting”, “The Story of SidePocket,” and “Maddie the 8 year old Entrepreneur”. In “What Washington Doesn’t Know About Big Tech”, he plays an Irish Wolfhound named Maggie. He has been with the audio drama since 2015.