The Archives

The podcast has evolved substantially since its origins in the summer of 2015 as a conversational podcast between David Alan Grier and Tamara Carleton.  That summer, the two of them decided to make a podcast about subjects that they had been discussing since the mid-1990s. Since many of these episodes are in a different style than the current seasons of the podcast, they have been pulled from the main feed of the podcast and organized here. Season 15100: The first steps

The podcast began in the spring of 15100 as a conventional interview podcast with two hosts.  However, the series quickly quickly took a turn for the dramatic when we marched the French Army Band through an episode.

Season 15200: The Agile Period

The second series started consider the issues surrounding Agile and related menthodologies.  It introduced our first cast members: Anna the Intern and Rohit from IT.

Season 16100: The Interviews

In the first season of 2016, we began experimenting with interviews and learned the fundamental lesson: avoid men with beards (Long beards really).  The sonic qualities on the common technologies is not pleasant.  Despite all problems with facial hair, the guests were interesting and informative.

Season 16200: Return to Stories

In the second quarter, we returned to what we did best: tell stories.  We did a few more interviews, notably with the historian of science George Dyson.  However, our focus was in getting technical ideas into human drama.  Our cast expanded and we started to ask how we could build characters that taught something about technology.

Season 16300: A Change of Venue

In the summer of 2016, we moved the podcast to Washington DC, explored some of the city – as well as some of the ideas behind science policy – and we introduced the character that would charm us all and take over our lives: Maddie the 8 year old Entrepreneur

Preview of Eta Kappa Nu Series