ZZZZZZZ – Our Cast

When you have a global podcast, you can have a global cast that  smart, energetic, intelligent and fun.  The cast for the podcast comes from around the world with experience in theatre, television, film and voice over.  To be sure, none (except perhaps Mr. Skippy) ever thought that they would be involved in a dramatic educational podcast but that is what they are doing and they are the best at it in the world.       Sarah Corbyn Woolf, Anna the Intern; New York City.   Sarah is a co-founder of upcoming theater group, The Woolgatherers. She has trained with Shakespeare & Co, The Humanist Project, The Barrow Group, and at Wesleyan University, the school that educated the “Hamilton” creators.  She has performed with a variety of theater companies around Manhattan, including an open air (and slightly chilly) production of “Much Ado About Nothing” with The Fools and Kings Project, and an open air (and quite sweltering) production of “The Rivals” with New York Classical Theatre.   Noah Masur, Rohit the IT Guy, and others; New York City.   Noah  is a graduate of Wesleyan University in Connecticut and has trained with the Upright Citizen’s Brigade.   He has worked on another podcast, a sci fi drama called “360” .   Currently, he is the one cast member who lives the life closest to the one he plays, as he works as part of a tech firm by day.   Geoffrey Grier, Calvin (Vinny) the CTO. San Francisco. In early adulthood, Geoff moved out to San Francisco where he got into software sales. Once a leader in software sales, currently the director of the Tenderloin’s Recovery Theatre. (They are usually found in a bar called “Piano Fight.”) He has been involved in the San Francisco Theatre Festival and the “August in August” Festival, a festival that produces one of the plays by August Wilson every summer.   Margaux Amie, Evelyn the Business Director, Delores Paynes Perkins, World-Famous Children’s Advocate, Sean the aspiring security expert from the Lillian Moller Gilbreth School for Disruptive Innovation.  Los Angeles CA.   A native of Las Vegas, she has actually attended the Consumer Electronics Show, the site of one of our annual episodes. She does regular work for the Academy of Motion pictures, working short films for up and coming directors. She currently is seen in videos and ads in Houston and survived hurricane Harvey.   Zoe Anastassiou, Maddie-the 8-year-old -Entrepreneur and others; New York City.   Helleuva Theatre Company.  She is a graduate of Middlebury College, and an alum of its Potomac Theatre Project.  She has an MFA from the New School and is the founder of Helluva Theatre Company.  Like several in the cast, she was hired to play one role and found herself playing another.  While she does several voices, she is best known as Maddie the 8 year old entrepreneur. LAFORCE-JOSHUA-HEADSHOT-01LR-brn   Joshua La Force, Sully from Policy & Public Relations and others; New York City & North Atlantic.  Josh is an entertainment director for Holland America Cruise Lines and as often recorded his parts from his cabin at sea.  On land, he is an opera singer and a a noted interpreter of Gilbert and Sullivan.  He has regularly performed for the Houston Gilbert and Sullivan Society.   Debbon Ayer, Penelope Othmar of the Lillian Moller Gilbreth School for Disruptive Innovation, Jenny the friend, Karen the banker from CalFed and others; originally from New York she new resides in Los Angeles CA and appears regularly in movie and television productions.  A working poet, she regularly hosts poetry performances in the Los Angeles area.   Ron Bianchi, Bix the Master Scrum Master, Harvey From Lapin Partners, San the Mover, and others; after a career in government service, he returned to acting in Southeastern Virginia where he now resides; he has been involved in community theatre, and commercial acting; he recently appeared in the movie Mother of a Day;  he lives in Suffolk, Virginia.   Caraid O’Brien, Molly the Dublin Software expert; New York.       Jake Minevich, Zack the database guy; New York.     Sarhara Ale, Lakshmi the Data Expert from Bangalore; Arlington Texas.     Mr. Skippy, himself; Pocatello, ID.  Skippy is a resident of SageWind Farm, where he divides his time between sleeping in the sun and protecting the property from marauding coyotes, foxes, and members of the Idaho State University cross country team.  His mother named him after the actor (a distant relative) who played the dog Asta in The Thin Man (1934), which stared William Powell and Myrna Loy.  He does his own stunts and has recently served as a script consultant for the upcoming movie  based on the television show Lassie.



Cast members who have moved to new projects and new performance venues:     Sivan Battat, Founding Casting Director, “How We Manage Stuff” havens-headshot   John C. Havens, Bix the Master Scrum Master   jonas,tess   Tess Jonas, Penelope the Principal(Initiator) Evelyn the Business Director(Initiator)   wotecki Tom Woteki, Gerald, Chairman of the HWMS Board of Directors