Past Series & Topics

Our podcast is organized by story lines that by that address a common theme across multiple episodes. Because of the challenges of podcast production, the series are not always released consecutively. This page gives you access to the major story lines of the podcast.

Consulting (2018) 

hwms.coverart “How Not To Suck At Consulting” Consulting.  More and more technical work is done by consultants, people who are free to move through the world and use their skills.  They are also people who are limited, contractually, to narrow contacts with their clients. Set in Hamburg Germany, this series explores by following the story of one of our crack consulting teams .  You get a chance to see what works (and what doesn’t) without facing the consequences.

Tech Governance (2018)

hwms.coverart How should young tech leaders think about boards, investment and other organizations aspects of startups? We take a look at that problem by going back in time and telling the story of SidePocket, the first (and most) successful startup SidePocket. Set in Detroit and Silicon Valley, it takes a look at governance problems that are both easy and surprisingly hard to solve. Governance and the Story of SidePocket.

A First Look at Artificial Intelligence & the Future of Work (2018) hwms.coverart

Will human beings become obsolete? And if they don’t become obsolete, will they have anything to do? In her first solo effort, our intern (who has invented many a title for herself) takes a look at some of the ideas of Artificial Intelligence that we no longer think of them as intelligent. As is often the case, shoes play an important role in the story. Anna, Artificial Intelligence and Work.

We Read It Do You Don’t Have To (2017 – )

hwms.coverartOur cast tries to help you stay abreast of current literature and read those classics that you felt that you should have read.  In fact, they almost never quite cover the material as you think they should but in the process, they help you see why this material is relevant to you and why it is note quite as boring as you might fear.    We Read It.

The Archives (2015 – 2016)

First two years of How We Manage Stuff  presented in chronological order.

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