About Us

HWMS produces and  performs original audio dramas that deal with the themes of work, technology, friendship, management, and the absurd farce of global connectivity.   It creates on the Internet, writes on the Internet, produces on the Internet and  performs on the Internet.  Our team is scattered across the entire face of the globe.  Someday we may meet face-to-face.  Until that day, we have TCP/IP.

HWMS began as a traditional podcast in 2015 between two long standing friends, David Alan Grier of Washington, DC and Tamara Carlton of Karlskrona, Sweden.  Quickly they discovered that the great delight in podcasting was not in telling the truth but in inventing fiction.  They hired an actor to play the role of their fictitious office intern, Anna, who worked in their fictitious office and had a fictitious perspective on truth.  Anna could tell a story that was completely right and completely wrong at the same time.  

She was, of course, the spiritual granddaughter of Gracie Allen.  When the spirit of that great radio dramatist join the HWMS team, it turned the show into an Internet drama led it to tell the kind stories that could be told with a voice, a microphone and the ever active imagination of a global audience.  

HWMS is managed, if that is the right turn, by the Communications Division of Djaghe International of Washington DC.