About Us

How We Manage Stuff is the Audio Radio Theatre of the Internet.  It performs original dramas that deal with the themes of work, technology, friendship, management, and the absurd farce of global connectivity.   It creates on the Internet, writes on the Internet, produces on the Internet and  performs on the Internet.  

We create stories that extend over 8 – 30 episodes of roughly ten minutes each.  We produce on episode roughly every two weeks.  Once a story is complete,  we post a a final version on the web and move to the next.  

How We Manage Stuff was founded in 2015 as an experiment in 2019 by two long standing friends, David Alan Grier of Washington, DC and Tamara Carlton of San Marco, California.  It made a brief attempt to follow the standard convention of podcasts but soon found itself embracing the existential questions of the Internet.  It marched a military band through one interview, hired an intern to disrupt another, and turned itself into a theatre.  

How We Manage Stuff is produced by Washington DC firm Djaghe LLC.