What to See at CES

For many years, we had a running series called “What to See at CES”, CES being the Consumer Electronics Show that is held every year in Las Vegas. We started by interviewing Tom Coughlin, one of the organizers of CES and listening to his expert opinion on the best places to see the new technology.

However, we quickly became distracted with ideas for new technology businesses that were ill conceived at best and dangerous at worst. This episode for Rohit’s Autonomous Drone Latte Delivery System is an attempt to honor one of the great practitioners of modern audio drama, Stan Freberg, who once created the world’s largest cup of hot chocolate by draining Lake Michigan and filling it with cocoa. Rohit takes a slightly different approach for CES. He demonstrates his Autonomous Drone Latte Delivery System (ADLDS).


  • Debbon Ayer – Tourist 1
  • Josh LaForce – Tourist 2
  • John C. Havens – Bix the Master Scrum Master
  • Noah Masur – Rohit from IT
  • Sarah Corbyn Woolf – Anna the Intern


Securing the Wheels

Not only does a product have to be good, it has to be secure. That’s the new problem. And it’s now the problem with everything. Everything including cars.

It’s such an issue, that the ICCE, the Engineering Conference on Consumer Electronics, is devoting its entire session to automotive cybersecurity. They were are partner for this episode.

To bring attention to the important issues of automotive electronics, we have invited retired Formula 1 Champion Mario Sciocco to talk about his experiences with Automotive Cybersecurity. And to offer a bit of advice, just a bit, to our cast.


  • Noah Masur – Rohit from IT
  • Sarah Corbyn Woolf – Anna the (paid) Intern
  • Ron Bianchi – Mario Sciocco, World Famous F1 Champion