Maddie The Entrepreneur

A little child shall lead them.

Maddie was an accident. We started a series on STEM Education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and to make the series work, we needed a student to teach. We quickly developed a character that observed her elders far too well and adopted their words and actions a little to accurately. Very quickly that character, Maddie-the-Eight-Year-Old-Entrepreneur, became more interesting than STEM Education and so the story shifted to be about her rather than about STEM.

If the central cultural pillar of modern life is business, then how do our children learn the values of that activity? And what happens (as so often is the case) they understand its strengths and weaknesses better than we do.

The Maddie Series is under re-development for a new story line that will be released in 2021. But in the interim, we give you two examples of its lead character.

When Kids Buy Bitcoin

hwms.coverart You think that buying Bitcoin is a grownup thing to do?


Let Maddie, our 8-year-old-CEO tell you otherwise.

Maddie is played by one of the most flexible and innovative members of the cast. She’s played executives, teachers, moms. But Zoe Anastassiou is most commonly identified as an eight year old girl who believes – knows – that is the rising light of the next generation of tech business leaders. In this episode, she talks about that character, Maddie-the-Entrepreneur, and what it means to bring her to life.


An Invited Commentary

hwms.coverart   We live in an age that confuses personal bravery with rudeness and rudeness with threats.

Another public individual, this time form the technology world, has failed by threatening subordinates and claiming that it was not his fault. In an invited commentary, the CEO of Embisivile Frien’ addresses the problem of harassment. It is a general problem that needs to be addressed in the tech industry but it is a specific instance that Madison wishes to discuss.


  • Zoe Anastassiou – Maddie the CEO
  • Geoffrey Grier – Vinny