Founded in 2015, “How We Manage Stuff” began as a relatively conventional podcast that embraced unconventional presentations. By the fall of that year, the showed were punctuated with wordplay, marching bands, and an actor who played the show’s intern. By 2016, we concluded that only fully scripted drama would allow us to explore fully the relationships between organizations, work, and technology.

We produce workplace drama.  Our subject is people.  Our background is work, the work that we do in this technological, highly connected, rabidly capitalized age.  How do we act in the workplace?  How do we form relationships and make decisions?  What does this wave of technology do to our ability to think clearly, act decisively, and appreciate our fellow worker?  These are our topics that we explore through the adventure of a hapless consulting firm with the name of “How We Manage Stuff.”

These are the shows that we have developed and presented.