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combined dag & tcHow We Manage Stuff is a podcast at the intersection of management, software, organization, work and technology.  It is written and produced by David Alan Grier of Djaghe LLC and features  Tamara Carleton of Innovation Leadership Board. David Alan Grier is a writer and lecturer on information technology.  He is the author of When Computers Were Human (Princeton 2005), a former president of the IEEE Computer Society, and an associate professor of International Science & Technology Policy at The George Washington University in Washington DC. He also serves as the Executive Producer and Chief Writer for “How We Manage Stuff.” Tamara Carleton is CEO and founder of Innovation Leadership Board LLC, a global leader in the design of tools and processes that enable radical innovation. Previously, she served as a Fellow at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, as Fellow with the Foundation for Enterprise Development, and as Fellow for the Bay Area Science and Innovation Consortium. She holds a doctorate in mechanical engineering from Stanford University. The two hosts were profiled by George Washington University Alumni Magazine.