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Mother’s Milk

hwms.coverartWhat holds friends together?

Common background?

Common history?

A common vision of what they are?

Three friends explore the different roles they have with each other.  They are moving into adulthood.  They are shaping their lives and their identities.  They also suddenly realize how delicate their common bonds may be.

A New Audio Drama From Tehya Merrit.

Cast, in order of appearance:

  • Michelle Thomas-Hanson – Stage Manager, Marta Green
  • Margaux Amie – Rosa
  • Sahara Ale  – Kat
  • Anastasia DeLoret – Macy
  • Ron Bianchi – Waiter

Written by Tehya Merrit

Music Direction: Mel O’Dea Studios

Music: Alibi Music, STKA, Atomic Music (used with permission)

Dramaturgy: Steve Harper, Theatre503

Graphic Artist: Ava N Garda

Produced and Directed: David Alan Grier