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Big Tech: Woman Looking at Real Estate


There are so many moving parts.

You think you have a strategy and then things fall apart.

Successful coworkspace.  Capitol Hill.  A Center for women. 

Finally, a sitting Senator graces the facility with her presence but at the same time, a real estate agency makes a call.   

Episode 24 of the series What Big Tech Doesn’t Know About Washington. 


  • Sahara Ale – Yasmin of HWMS
  • Margaux Amie – Rachel D’Fino, Aide to Senator to Stassen
  • Zoe Anastassiou – Faith, owner of Beva’s Coworkspace 
  • Debbon Ayer – Tracy Aponta of Aponta and Associates
  • Anastasia DeLoret – Karine Tisserand of HWMS 
  • Michelle Thomas-Hanson – Stage Manager
  • Sarah Corbyn Woolf – Senator Christine Stassen
  • Skippy – Himself



A Young Entrepreneur & a Mother

hwms.coverart An innocent remark and a story unravels, a story the suggests some of the challenges that women face in trying to climb into the leadership ranks of high technology. It begins with Maddie, student at the Lillian Moller Gilbreth School for Disruptive Innovation, and the CEO of a new startup called “Watcher Dogs” and ends with our business manager and cohost trying to make sense of an incident some nine years in the past. This is the world that high technology offers to women and these are the stories we tell. [17240] Cast:

Maddie-the-8-year-old-Entrepreneur: Zoe Anastassiou

Anna-the-Intern:Sarah Corbyn Woolf

Evelyn-the-business-manager:Margaux Amie