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Big Tech: Squirrel Dog


You’d think they’d be on the same side.

Wouldn’t that be obvious?

But the CTO has arrived in Washington and things that he should be the center, the center of attention.  

But that was never the plan.

And not only will he have to convince his boss, he’s going to have to convince her Wolfhound, Maggy the Fury.

And you’d think they’d be on the same side.  

The senior leadership of the  Internet firm Talking and Shopping starts to encounter the politics of Washington DC.   

Sixth episode in the new series begins “What Big Tech Doesn’t Know” from the audio drama “How We Manage Stuff.”


  • Yasmin, Attorney-Advisor – Sahara Ale
  • Ed Kowalski, CTO of Talking and Shopping – Kit Kuksenok
  • Victor, Assistant to Abby Alton – Jake Minevich
  • Abbe Alton, CEO of T&S – Debbon Ayer
  • Maggie, the Fury – Skippy