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Audio Drama


We’re an Audio Drama.

We live on the Internet.

We tell stories of work and tech and power and love and loss.

Consultants in Germany.  Artificial Intelligence in Seattle.  A startup in Mountain View.  Books that we read so you don’t have to.  An little entrepreneur  who knows things her elders never will.

We tell you a story.

We’re How We Manage Stuff.  


  • Sahara Ale 
  • Margaux Amie 
  • Zoe Anastassiou 
  • Debbon Ayer 
  • Ron Bianchi 
  • Anastasia Deloret 
  • Geoffrey Grie
  • Kit Kuksenok
  • Josh LaForce 
  • Noah Masur
  • Jake Minevich 
  • Skippy
  • Sarah Corbyn Woolf



Stories about Tech Governance

hwms.coverartTechnology & Governance?  What’s the big deal?  It’s just politics.  Right? And why are we doing it with stories?  Why can’t we just give you the PowerPoints and be done with it? Because Tech Governance is a key part of our age.  Without it, you don’t get the new products, the new services, the new tools, the new ideas. By why stories? Because you only learn this stuff by living it.  And if you can’t live it yourself, you can at least eavesdrop to someone who is living with those lessons and get the benefits of their experience. A mid-series overview of the podcast. Cast:
  • Maddie the 8-year-old Entrepreneur – Zoe Anastassiou
  • Vinny the CTO – Geoffrey Grier
  • Jessie of SidePocket – Sahara Ale
  • Rick of SidePocket – Noah Masur
  • Molly of SidePocket – Caraid O’Brien
  • Carl of G&P – Josh LaForce
  • Violet from Marketting – Margaux Amie
  • Dennis of Toolcart – Jake Minevich
  • Rick at the Converence – Ron Bianchi
  • Karen from CalFed – Debbon Ayer

17205: Governance, Innovation & Story of a Kid

hwms.coverart Evelyn the Business Manager and Rohit from IT preview the upcoming season of the Podcast, How We Manage Stuff. Well, that is what is supposed to happen. Rohit gets obsessed with Googling the phrase “My Bad” and things start to fall apart after that. Yet, in spite of a nasty text, the pair tell you about the stories and ideas for the next episodes of the podcast. [17205] Cast:

Evelyn the Business Manager: Margaux Amie

Rohit from IT: Noah Masur