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An Invited Commentary

hwms.coverart   In an invited commentary, the CEO of Embisivile Frien’ addresses the problem of harassment. It is a general problem that needs to be addressed in the tech industry but it is a specific instance that Madison wishes to discuss. Cast:
  • Vinny, the CTO  – Geoffrey Grier
  • Maddie the CEO if Embisivle Frien’ – Zoe Anastassiou

17245: The Agile Board and the Young CEO

hwms.coverart Who’s responsible? And to Whom? The CEO? The Board? The Investors? In this episode we explore the challenges that a Board has with a young CEO, especially with a creative leader who is trying to build an agile company. Is it in their best interest to try to follow best practices or do they need to focus on getting their leader prepared for responsibility? Featuring:
  • Ron Bianchi as Harvey of Lapin Partners
  • Margaux Amie as Delores Paynes -Perkins
  • Zoe Anastassiou as Maddie the 8-Year-Old Entrepreneur
  • Geoffrey Grier as Vinny the CTO
  • Debbon Ayer as Penelope Othmar, Principle of the Lillian Moller School for Disruptive Innovation
  • Mr. Skippy as himself

17193: Maddie the CEO (Vol 3)

hwms.coverart Not every podcast can boast of an 8-year-old CEO and none can boast of one as insightful as Maddie. To give you a little better understanding of her, we have assembled 3 episodes from last year that help explain how she works and how she is a business leader. Or at least thinks she is a business leader. [17193] Cast:

Narrator, Penelope Othmar: Debbon Ayer

Maddie the CEO:Zoe Anastassiou

Vinny the CTO:Geoff Grier

Anna the Intern:Sarah Corbyn Woolf