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Add Subtract Unite Divide

hwms.coverartShe could have been somebody.

A real contender.

If there hadn’t been a global economic depression.

If the world hadn’t been engaged in a world war.

And if she hadn’t been a woman. 

Through Fate or Good Fortune or the simple dedication of someone who was not discouraged by rejection, she came to lead the Mathematical Tables Project, a quirky work-relief office that was intended to give employment to workers who were unable to find a job.  She turned it into the world’s most power computing organization.  At least the most powerful organization before computing people were replaced by computing machines. 

She did calculations for the government, for the military, for scientists and engineers.  They were championed by Einstein, by John von Neuman, professors from Cornell and MIT.  She dined at the White House and sat at tables of power.  Until she was forgotten.  Forgotten by a country that is more constant in its love of technology than it is in its love of people. 

A story of Gertrude Blanch, her best friend Ida Rhodes, and their improbably employer, the Mathematical Tables Project.  A story of love, dedication, courage and (brace yourselves) long division.

Gold Medal Recipient at the 2023 Hear / Now Audio Drama Festival.


Cast: (in order of named appearance)

  • Josh Wilson – Chief Whip, Milt Abramowitz
  • Debbon Ayer – Gertrude Blanch
  • Josh LaForce – Dr. Jones, Nurse, Chorus
  • Zoe Anastasiou – Judy, Orderly, Chorus
  • Geoffrey Grier –  Leonard Marx, Commissioner, Chorus
  • Sahara Ale – Sister, Chorus
  • Ron Bianchi – Arnold Lowan, Chorus
  • Kit Kuksenok – Customer, Chorus
  • Michelle Thomas-Hanson – Arlene, Chorus, Stage Manager
  • Margaux Amie – Ida Rhodes
  • Noah Masur – Dr. Smith
  • Anastasia DeLoret – Linda, Chorus
  • Kota Fudauchi – Ken, Chorus
  • Ethan Madds – IBM Guard, Chorus
  • Tehya Merrit – Evie, Chair, Chorus
  • Skippy –Himself

Sound Design: Hilbert Space

Music Direction: Mel O’Dea Studios

Music: Alibi Music, Atomic Music (used with permission)

Dramaturgy: Steve Harper and the Writers Workshop at Theatre503

Graphic Artist: Ava N Garda




Big Tech: A Tongue Lashing


Speed.  Disruption.  Innovation.  

Not Duty.  Not Deliberation.   Not Honor. 

Tech let us reordered our virtues.  

Policy, if taken thoughtfully, makes us examine that reordering.  

It may not solve anything but it makes us wonder if we’re doing things the right way.  

Policy is never “Us” versus “The Government”.  It’s “Us” versus “Our Neighbors.”  And sometimes, those times when we don’t quite see all of our neighbors clearly, we can be vulnerable.  

Anna, and Yasmin and Sulley, start working to get their client, the Internet Giant  “Talking and Shopping” a better position in Washington.  It doesn’t start well.  We get a tongue lashing, some cryptic advice, and a cup of tea from a slightly batty business woman.  

Third episode in the new series begins “What Big Tech Doesn’t Know” from the audio drama “How We Manage Stuff.”


  • Sulley, HWMS Washington Director – Josh LaForce
  • Yasmin, Attorney-Advisor – Sahara Ale
  • Waiter – Zoe Anastassiou  
  • Rachel D’Fino – Margaux Amie
  • Anna  – Sarah Corbyn Woolf
  • Newsperson – Zoe Anastassiou
  • Morris Fitz, of NTIA – Geoffrey Grier
  • Roger, the Congressional Aide – Ron Bianchi
  • Faith – Zoe Anastassiou