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Big Tech: A Pillar of Fire By Day


There’s a reason. 

A senatorial aide who seems inept at social media?

There’s a reason. 

A trade association director who seems to be speaking in tongues?

There’s a reason.  

An administrative assistant who has a little too much data about you, about your roommate, and about the stain on the carpet floor?

There’s certain a reason for that.

The senior leadership of the  Internet firm Talking and Shopping arrives in Washington DC to see how much or how little they understand about national politics.  

There certainly is a reason for this.  

Fifth episode in the new series begins “What Big Tech Doesn’t Know” from the audio drama “How We Manage Stuff.”


  • Sulley, HWMS Washington Director – Josh LaForce
  • Yasmin, Attorney-Advisor – Sahara Ale
  • Buckley Williams of FDF – Noah Masur
  • Rachel D’Fino, Assistant to Senator Stassen – Margaux Amie
  • Roger, Social Media Expert – Ron Bianchi
  • Victor, Assistant to Abby Alton – Jake Minevich
  • Abbe Alton, CEO of T&S – Debbon Ayer



We Read It So You Don’t Have To: Industry 4.0

hwms.coverart We Read It So You Don’t Have to. There is so much new information published every day that one person can’t possible read it all much less get any perspective on it. Take Automation, Autonomous Cars, Machine Learning. All of these technologies pose new challenges to the organization and at the same time, they represent forces that are quite old. In this episode, we take a look at a new book on these topics, Industry 4.0, and an old one Automation. [17605] Cast:

Sullivan from the Policy Office: Josh LaForce

David Alan Grier