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Who Gets Representation & Why?

hwms.coverartThey’re just a bunch of old guys, right?  The board.  The board that is supposedly guiding your company.  Who do they represent?  And why don’t employees get automatic representation on the board?  All are tough questions. In theory, and the theory is fairly broad, board members represent no one.  They are supposed to put aside their individual needs and desires and decide what is best for the organization. But broad theory and narrow practice can be quite different, or at least that is what Jessie believes. Cast:
  • Maddie the 8-year-old Entrepreneur – Zoe Anastassiou
  • Vinny the CTO – Geoffrey Grier
  • Jessie of SidePocket – Sahara Ale
  • Rick of SidePocket – Noah Masur
  • Molly of SidePocket – Caraid O’Brien