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How Not To [Suck] At Consulting: Act 3

hwms.coverart A bad decision. A confrontational meeting. Perhaps the worst first date ever, though one participant (and perhaps both) will deny that it was, is, or should ever be considered a date. A niece coming from a conference on Electronic Dance Music. Consulting gets tricky when you set it in context.  You’ve done the plans.  You know the requirements.  You’re ready to start writing your report.  And yet, you continue to find things that you don’t understand. Consulting is about control – or at least determining what you can control and trying to find a way that you can ignore the rest. And what is the proper business dress for a rising music producer? The third act of our story on technology consulting. Cast:
  • Kit, Director of Consulting – Kit Kuksenok
  • Evelyn, the Business Manager – Margaux Amie 
  • Anna the Intern – Sarah Corbyn Woolf
  • Arndt, Rohit –  Noah Masur
  • Klara, Florian’s Niece – Sahara Ale
  • Florian Bohne  – Josh LaForce
  • Peter, Fritz-Bernard – Ron Bianchi
  • Sonja Pfeiffer, Ida – Debbon Ayer
  • Vinny – Geoffrey Grier
  • Victor of BKL, Max  – Jake Minevich
  • Leena, Florian’s other Niece – Zoe Anastassiou