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Embisivle Friend: Friends and Family

hwms.coverart Another day. Another chance for a Senior Executive Meeting. Held on the  Playground of the Lillian Moller Gilbreth School for Disruptive Innovation. Another opportunity to fight over key resources.  And one of those resources is the meeting table itself. Second Episode of our series on Maddie, the 8 year old entrepreneur. Cast:
  • Zoe Anastasiou – Maddie, the CEO
  • Debbon Ayer – Penelope Othmar, Principal
  • Anastasia DeLoret – Aravinda,corporate counsel
  • Kit Kuksenok – Merideth Klempner, Superintendant
  • Josh LaForce – Brent, CFO
  • Tehya Merrit – Caitlin, CMO & Influencer
  • Michelle Thomas Hanson – Stage Manager
  • Skippy – Himself.
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Embisivle Tech from an Embisivle Drama

hwms.coverart Zeppelins. Silicon Valley was once the home of Zeppelins. Giant Airships would silently glide out of their hanger and rise into the sky, undertaking cutting edge missions for the U. S. Navy.  It was a sign of the areas importance, a sign of its role in creating new technologies. And of course, that era is over and it ended badly. Another backstage look from the cast of the new Drama Cast:
  • Ron Bianchi – Himself, Vocal Sound Effects
  • Skippy – Himself.
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Embisivle Friend: Angel of the Morning

hwms.coverart Your attorney is sitting next to your bed. You knew it was going to be a peppy day, but maybe you thought that you would at least have time for a shower? So begins the story of Embisivle Friend.  Once upon a time, there was an 8-year-old girl named Maddie who dreamed of becoming a famous business leader, just like her hero, Lillian Moller Gilbreth. The first episode of the audio drama “Embisivle Friend.”  A little drama with big consequences Cast:
  • Sahara Ale –  Consuela Ms Insullie’s Housekeeper
  • Zoe Anastassiou – Maddie Insullie, Business Leader Extraordinaire
  • Ron Bianchi – Aziz, Ms Insullie’s driver
  • Anastasia DeLoret – Aravinda Gillion, Attorney at Law
  • Noah Masur – Jaycin Bermin, Associate to Ms. Gillion
  • Tehya Merit – Perky and Optimistic Radio Announcer
  • Michelle Thomas Hanson – Stage Manager
  • Skippy – Loyal companion to Ms. Insullie who is also named “Skippy”
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Embisivle Friend at the Fair

hwms.coverart It was once a big part of Silicon Valley culture. It may someday be part of that culture again. For the moment, it’s merely a shuttered memory. Cast member Sahara visits the Bay Area Makers Faire to explain a new story for the Audio Drama “How We Manage Stuff.”  It’s a story set on the landscape of high tech but operates in the corners of your mind. Embisivle Friend, the next generation of Audio Drama. Cast:
  • Sahara Ale –  Herself
  • Michelle Thomas Hanson – Stage Manager
  • Skippy – Himself
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Embisivle Friend: Noah Promo

hwms.coverart We’ll do many things to get an audience. Many things. Cast member Noah Masur takes the Caltrans commuter train into Silicon Valley and tries to recruit a few new listeners for our new audio drama. At least he’s gotten you.  That’s a positive thing. The rest?  They’ll be coming soon, when we start releasing episodes of the new series “Embisivle Friend”. It’s a story about real places and real characters who are played by real actors.  It’s Embisivle Friend, the next generation of Audio Drama. Cast:
  • Noah Masur –  Himself
  • Michelle Thomas Hanson – Stage Manager
  • Skippy – Himself
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Embisivle Friend: Street Theatre with Zoe Anastassiou

hwms.coverart Ever tried to raise money in Silicon Valley? Our cast, led by Zoe Anastassiou, works the central intersection of the tech world – Page Mill Road and El Camino Real – while explaining the new series, Embisivle Friend. It’s a story about real places and real characters who are played by real actors.  It’s Embisivle Friend, the next generation of Audio Drama. Cast:
  • Zoe Anastassiou –  Herself
  • Michelle Thomas Hanson – Stage Manager
  • Skippy – Himself
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Embisivle Friend: A Drama with Geoffrey Grier

hwms.coverart A new story is coming. And part of it takes place in the City by the Bay. Cast member Geoffrey Grier gives a quick tour of the landscape of the audio drama “Embisivle Friend” Cast:
  • Geoffrey Grier –  Himself
  • Skippy – Himself
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Big Tech: The Prodigal Returns (Closing Episode)


End of the line.  

The enemy is vanquished.  The Office is packed.  The Ship is riding on the outgoing tide.  The Prodigal returns.  

If we may invoke multiple images to announce the last episode of this story.  

The final episode of the audio drama “What Big Tech Doesn’t Know About Washington.” 


  • Sahara Ale – Yasmin of HWMS
  • Margaux Amie – Rachel D’Fino, and Evelyn the Office Manager
  • Zoe Anastassiou – Faith, Congressional Aide Habi,  Mina, a Waiter, Becky Vogelson, a News Person, Cop #2, and Lilibet, Wee Sister Number 1
  • Debbon Ayer – Abby Alton, CEO of Talking and Shopping
  • Ron Bianchi – Bashir the Uber Driver, the Ancient One, Erik, Roger the social media specialist, and The Producer
  • Anastasia DeLoret – Karine from the EU office, an unnamed Female Aide,  and Greta, Wee Sister Number Two
  • Geoffrey Grier –  Vinny the CEO, Carl,  A customer in a coffee shop, Cop #1, and Morris Fitz from the Department of Commerce
  • Josh LaForce – Sulley of HWMS and Brannon, the NIMBI receptionist
  • Jakob Minevich –  Chad Dockerly of Technica Publica and Victor Numerov
  • Kit Kuksenok – Ed Kowalski, CTO Talking and Shopping 
  • Noah Masur – Buckley Williams of the Federation for a Digital Future, several Delivery guys, A Barista, Andre the homeless guy, a Customer, an unnamed Male Congressional Aide,  and Ben Capardi manager of the Umatillo Server Farm
  • Michelle Thomas-Hanson – Stage Manager
  • Sarah Corbyn Woolf – Senator Christine Stassen, Jacqui the new hire, Anna the Intern
  • Skippy – Himself
  • Special Guest Christian Conn – Gar Simon of Silent Partners
  • Special Guest David Alan Grier – Famous Rankin of NIMBI