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A Pillar of Fire By Day


There’s a reason. 

A senatorial aide who seems inept at social media?

There’s a reason. 

A trade association director who seems to be speaking in tongues?

There’s a reason.  

An administrative assistant who has a little too much data about you, about your roommate, and about the stain on the carpet floor?

There’s certain a reason for that.

The senior leadership of the  Internet firm Talking and Shopping arrives in Washington DC to see how much or how little they understand about national politics.  

There certainly is a reason for this.  

Fifth episode in the new series begins “What Big Tech Doesn’t Know” from the audio drama “How We Manage Stuff.”



  • Sulley, HWMS Washington Director – Josh LaForce
  • Yasmin, Attorney-Advisor – Sahara Ale
  • Buckley Williams of FDF – Noah Masur
  • Rachel D’Fino, Assistant to Senator Stassen – Margaux Amie
  • Roger, Social Media Expert – Ron Bianchi
  • Victor, Assistant to Abby Alton – Jake Minevich
  • Abbe Alton, CEO of T&S – Debbon Ayer



Past is Prologue


Only rarely do you see the big picture.  

Most of the time, it is a nightmare.  

15,000 people.  Running through the tunnel that lie beneath the US Capitol.  The share information, cut deals, plan strategies, and try to advance their own little agendas. 

Only once in while can they climb to the top and see how the pieces fit together.  

And so our story begins.  The director of the How We Manage Stuff Washington Office, takes two of our staff members to the top of the Library of Congress to show them the view.  Chaos is about to descend but for a moment, they can appreciate a clear day and a beautiful landscape.  

Except that one of them spies a strange building that they hadn’t noticed before.  

So begins our tale.  

First episode in the new series begins “What Big Tech Doesn’t Know” from the audio drama “How We Manage Stuff.”



  • Sulley, HWMS Washington Director – Josh LaForce
  • Yasmin, Attorney-Advisor – Sahara Ale 
  • Anna  – Sarah Corbyn Woolf



Gathering Data

hwms.coverartConsulting.  You’re just giving your opinion.  That’s it.  Nothing more.

Now, in theory, that opinion is worth something on the open market.  It’s worth something for two reasons.  First, you have some special training or knowledge.  Second, you have data.  Data about what is happening.

And there’s the rub.  In the modern day and age, we collect ever bit of data we can and call it good.  Yet.  Yet.  Yet.  Data can mislead.  It can make you believe you know something when you don’t It can confuse when it should inform.  Therefore, we need to know something about gathering data scientifically

Fifth episode in a series on the ins and outs of tech consulting.


  • Kit, Chief Consultant  – Kit Kuksenok
  • Evelyn, The Business Manager – Margaux Amie
  • Victor, the Dispatcher – Jake Minevich
  • Jurgen, driver – Ron Bianchi
  • Anna the intern  – Sarah Corbyn Woolf
  • Rohit, from IT – Noah Masur
  • Henry Kissinger – Ron Bianchi



A Holiday for Data?

 It’s a holiday for gratitude in the United States but a holiday for data in the rest of the world.

A Holiday for Data?

Three different groups have organized holidays for data and statistics: one for India, one for the continent of Africa and one for the world at large. You may think that they’re celebrating numbers but if you look closely at any one of them, you find that they are actually celebrating something a little more profound.

Take a break with our cast to celebrate the importance of data.

Cast (on Vacation):

  • Sahara Ale
  • Margaux Amie
  • Zoe Anastassiou
  • Debbon Ayer
  • Ron Bianchi
  • Geoffrey Grier
  • Kit Kuksenok
  • Josh LaForce
  • Noah Masur
  • Jake Minevich
  • Caraid O’Brien
  • Sarah Corbyn Woolf