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Embisivle Friend: Only Hire The Best


Ordinary Day.  Not so ordinary school.

Not much happening.

Though the fifth graders… that’s another story.

And an aspiring CEO decides that Adam Smith might have something useful to say about her arithmetic quiz.

Crowdsourcing an exam on the Third Episode of our series on Maddie, the 8 year old entrepreneur.


  • Sahara Ale – Vice Principal Afra Solario
  • Zoe Anastasiou – Maddie, the CEO
  • Debbon Ayer – Penelope Othmar, Principal
  • Ron Bianchi – Guard Tepper
  • Josh LaForce – Germain Dorfler
  • Michelle Thomas Hanson – Stage Manager
  • Skippy – Himself.



We Read It So You Don’t Have To: The Fissured Workplace

hwms.coverart Not up on the current literature of technology and organization? Don’t worry. We read it so you don’t have to. This week, we look at David Weil’s Fissured Workplace, a book about what is happening to the workplace in the age of Uber, Taskrabbit and Mechanical Turk. [16425]Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail