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Embisivle Friend: Friends and Family

hwms.coverart Another day. Another chance for a Senior Executive Meeting. Held on the  Playground of the Lillian Moller Gilbreth School for Disruptive Innovation. Another opportunity to fight over key resources.  And one of those resources is the meeting table itself. Second Episode of our series on Maddie, the 8 year old entrepreneur. Cast:
  • Zoe Anastasiou – Maddie, the CEO
  • Debbon Ayer – Penelope Othmar, Principal
  • Anastasia DeLoret – Aravinda,corporate counsel
  • Kit Kuksenok – Merideth Klempner, Superintendant
  • Josh LaForce – Brent, CFO
  • Tehya Merrit – Caitlin, CMO & Influencer
  • Michelle Thomas Hanson – Stage Manager
  • Skippy – Himself.
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HWMS: Your Job Taken by a Machine?

hwms.coverart Are machines taking are jobs? Or perhaps more to the point, are you concerned that machines, smart machines, are poised to take your job? With this episode, we start an examination of smart machines as a substitute for workers. We put it in the hands of our intern, Anna. After all, more of her career is likely to be taken by a machine than anyone else. As always, we start with the big picture, the context for work. Just because a machine is capable of doing your work doesn’t mean that it makes sense for it to do your job. We start the series with a visit to an automated office, or more accurately, an office that we were told had been automated. Our cast doesn’t quite find what they expected, which gets us asking the question “How Smart Are You?” Cast:
  • Sullivan from PR – Josh LaForce
  • Evelyn the Business Manager- Margaux Amie
  • Anna the Intern – Sarah Corbyn Woolf