Lessons for the CEO the the Lillian Moller Gilbreth School for Disruptive Innovation

hwms.coverart Maddie, the CEO of Embisivle Frien’ faces the dark moment of the company and asks “What does it mean to be CEO?” What does it mean to make the toughest decision for a leader? Vinny, her mentor, arrives to support her in the hour of need and helps her demonstrate a key trait of leadership.  Cast:
  • Geoffrey Grier
  • Zoe Anastassiou

A Home in India (Series I)

hwms.coverart Time to open an international office, start to build connections in high tech centers outside of the United States. Our first place will be in Bangalore, though we have yet to find a place. However, our newest employee, Jameela, has a long list of potential places. However, to make a choice, we have to assemble a team, build some trust, and make a plan that will lead us to a decision – a challenge in any environment much less a distributed international one. How do you build an distributed team? That is our first task. [16445]Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

Why do we Stand & Why do we Scrum? (Series I)

hwms.coverart We stand at our morning meeting and listen to a guy named a scrum master. What do these things tell us about organizations? And what do they tell us about technology? (Perhaps that it has much in common with more humble work?) A sketch of our morning standup meeting and an introduction not our new Master Scrummaster, Bix Featuring:
  • Geoffrey Grier as Vinny the CTO
  • Josh La Force as Sulley from PR
  • Margaux Amie as Evelyn the Business Manager
  • Noah Masur as Rohit from IT
  • Sarah Corbyn Woolf as Anna-the-Intern
havens-headshot   Introducing John C Havens as Bix the Master Scrum Master [16440]Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail