Big Tech: The Conversation


Intimate Knowledge.  

It doesn’t mean what it used to mean.

And it doesn’t make things any easier.  

As Abby Alton, CEO of Talking and Shopping, prepares to meet Congress, two of her aides grappled with the fact that one of them knows a great deal about the other.  

A slow dance of information on episode 25 of the series What Big Tech Doesn’t Know About Washington. 


  • Sahara Ale – Yasmin of HWMS
  • Debbon Ayer – Abby Alton, CEO of Talking & Shopping
  • Josh LaForce – Sullivan Bowman of HWMS 
  • Michelle Thomas-Hanson – Stage Manager
  • Jake Minevich – Victor Numerov, Aide to Abby Alton 
  • Skippy – Himself