Big Tech: Act III


It starts with a pool game.  

It ends with a riot.  

And in the middle, there’s a guy who sounds a lot like Henry Kissinger.

Except he makes tea.

The plans have been made.  The execution is proving hard.  We’ve had to bring some extra talent to the project (and some time soon we’ll have to thin about how much that talent is costing.)  The client is not helping things much and we’re undermining ourselves. 

The third act of “What Big Tech Doesn’t Know”, a story of how Tech misjudges government and government underestimates the purveyors technology.  


  • Sahara Ale – Yasmin, Attorney-Advisor
  • Margaux Amie – Rachel D’Fino, aide to Senator Stassen; Senator Christine Stassen; Evelyne of T&S
  • Zoe Anastassiou – Faith of Beva’s Place; Waiter; Female Aide
  • Debbon Ayer – Abby Alton, CEO of T&S
  • Ron Bianchi – The Ancient One; Waiter; Bashir, the Uber Driver
  • Anastasia Deloret – Karine from the EU Office
  • Geoffrey Grier – Fitz Morris of NTIA; Vinny of HWMS
  • Kit Kusenok – Ed Kowalski, CTO of T&S
  • Josh LaForce – Sulley Bowman, Director HWMS Washington Office
  • Noah Masur – Buckley Williams of Federation for Digital Future; Male Aide
  • Jake Minevich – Victor Numerov of T&S; Chad Dockerly of Technica Publica
  • Skippy – Maggy, the Fury
  • Sarah Corbyn Woolf – Anna, once an Intern