Big Tech: Best for All




What’s the difference?  

What is the import of the flip of one letter? 

The expanded team gathers in Washington.  Vinny from Washington.  Karine from Brussels.  Time to get the leaders of the tech giant Talking and Shopping ready for a Congressional Hearing.  

But there is that little issue.  IAD vs IDA.  It changes the plans but the results might be best for all.  

The fifteenth episode of the Audio Drama “What Big Tech Doesn’t Know.”  


  • Sahara Ale – Yasmin, Attorney-Advisor
  • Anastasia Deloret – Karine Tissarand, Head of HWMS EU Office
  • Kit Kuksenok –  Ed Kowalski of T & S
  • Noah Masur – UPS Delivery Person; FedEx Delivery Person; Hyung Tai, Delivery Person and part owner of Gangnum Cleaners 
  • Skippy – Himself