Big Tech: By Any Other Name


The questions are simple.

The answers?   We don’t know.

At best, we have a senatorial aide who doesn’t know how to type.

Or is incapable of being sociable.

Abby Alton of T&S is preparing for an appearance before the Senate.  Her consultants meeting with key staff members but don’t exactly leave satisfied.   

  The eleventh episode of the Audio Drama “What Big Tech Doesn’t Know.”


  • Sahara Ale – Yasmin, Attorney-Advisor
  • Margaux Amie –  Evelyne, Operations Manager of HWMS, Rachel D’Fino, aide to Senator Kristine Stassen
  • Zoe Anastassiou – Habi Zolah, Senatorial Aide
  • Ron Bianchi – Roger of Senator Stassen’s Office
  • Geoffrey Grier –  Vinny of HWMS; 
  • Josh LaForce – Sulley, Washington Director, HWMS 
  • Noah Masur – Buckley Williams, CEO of Foundation for a Digital Future
  • Sarah Corbyn Woolf – Anna the Intern
  • Skippy – Himself