Big Tech: The Kind of Mess


Does this happen to you?

Your Uber Driver knows more than you’re client?

It’s embarrassing, yes?

Big Tech spends millions, hundreds of millions, of dollars in Washington and what do they get for their money?  

A service.  

Nothing more.

A service.  That’s it.

Why is that a problem you ask?  

It’s the problem of the Gig Economy.  When you hire a contractor to do your bidding, key bits of information don’t flow across the contractual boarder.  Knowledge often fails to make the leap.  History certainly is left on the curb when the driver pulls away.  And wisdom?  Lonely wisdom?  Clutching her purse and hoping for the best?  

Fourth episode in the new series begins “What Big Tech Doesn’t Know” from the audio drama “How We Manage Stuff.”


  • Sulley, HWMS Washington Director – Josh LaForce
  • Yasmin, Attorney-Advisor – Sahara Ale
  • Anna  – Sarah Corbyn Woolf
  • Ed Kowalski of T&S – Kit Kuksenok
  • Morris Fitz, of NTIA – Geoffrey Grier
  • Bashir the Uber Driver – Ron Bianchi