Our Cast

Every organization should have a staff that is smart, energetic, intelligent and fun.  If you can’t get that, then you should at least have a cadre of smart, energetic, intelligent and fun actors to play your staff.  How We Manage Stuff has the “Unresolved Bugs”, a talented team of artists who bring the ideas of the podcast to life.


Sarah Corbyn Woolf, Anna the Intern



Noah Masur, Rohit the IT Guy, and others



Geoffrey Grier, Calvin (Vinny) the CTO



Margaux Amie, Evelyn the Business Director



Zoe Anastassiou, Maddie-the 8-year-old -Entrepreneur and others



Joshua La Force, Sully from Policy & Public Relations and others



Debbon Ayer, Jenny the friend and others




John C. Havens, Bix the Master Scrum Master




Sonam Powar, Jameela-the-Manager-of-the Bangalore Office


Ron Bianchi, Harvey From Lapin Partners


Mr. Skippy, himself



Cast members who have moved to new projects and new performance venues:



Sivan Battat, Founding Casting Director, “How We Manage Stuff”




Tess Jonas, Penelope the Principal(Initiator)
Evelyn the Business Director(Initiator)



Tom Woteki, Gerald, Chairman of the HWMS Board of Directors