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What happens when the mentality of TechCrunch runs headlong into the attitude of the Daily Show?

You get a humorous and yet insightful approach to explain how to develop software within an innovative business.

You get a team of agile experts and actors who understand modern technology and know how to explain complex concepts — or at least know how to have a good time with technical ideas.

You get the podcast “How We Manage Stuff”.

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“How We Manage Stuff” is a podcast for those that need to know and for those that want to laugh a bit as they learn.

It is designed for managers, entrepreneurs and software developers — anyone who wants to go beyond the catch-phrases and simplest vision of technology and feel that they really understand the transformative power of technology.

The podcast is hosted by David Alan Grier of Djaghe LLC and  Tamara Carleton of Innovation Leadership Board LLC.  As guests, they host industrial leaders from Silicon Valley, Washington,  Bangalore, Haidian, and from anywhere we find new technology under development.

In addition, the podcast features a cast of talented actors who teach us that things are not always what they seem.  Their job is to help us interview leaders of business and technology, explain difficult topics, teach us how to follow the principles of technology development or just to give us a little insight into the millennial generation, to teach us  how our business decisions affect those that we employ.

The music theme is MSTR by Pander Jazz from Jamendo.com.

How We Manage Stuff is released weekly on Tuesday mornings.  Normal episodes last 9-11 minutes.  Binge episodes combine 3 regular episodes and are released two or three times during the season.
How We Manage Stuff is available on iTunes, Google Play and other venues where high quality podcasts may be found.


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