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17235: Getting Good People – the Agile Board Meeting

hwms.coverartGet Good People Around?  We have Tech.  We Have Markets.  Who needs these silly things?

And why do we need corporate governance for a tech firm The stock price will tell us how well the company is going.

So begins the monthly meeting of the Watcher Dogs board meeting. It moves into some platitudes and then slides into a most unfortunate event.  Most unfortunate.


  • Ron Bianchi as Harvey of Lapin Partners
  • Margaux Amie as Delores Paynes -Perkins
  • Zoe Anastassiou as Maddie the 8-Year-Old Entrepreneur
  • Geoffrey Grier as Vinny the CTO
  • Debbon Ayer as Penelope Othmar, Principle of the Lillian Moller School for Disruptive Innovation
  • Mr. Skippy as himself



17610: Golden Passport – We Read It So You Don’t Have To


Who better to review a book about Harvard Business School than two generations of Entrepreneurs? Vinny the CTO brings the expertise of success. He founded SidePocket in the 1980s and led it to a brilliant, albeit short, life. Maddie brings the perspective of hard experience. She is the founding CEO of WatcherDogz, which is her second company. Between the two of them, they debate the question, “Why is Harvard Business School like a squirrel?”


Vinny the CTO: Geoffrey Grier

Maddie the 8-year-old Entrepreneur: Zoe Anastassiou

Mr. Skippy: Himself


17135: The Agile Board


Agility begins at home. Or more to the point, it begins with the board. Too often, companies are organized conventionally and then the CEO tries to make the Agile by applying various tricks and procedures. As Vinny argues in today’s episode, you really need to start at the top, think of the company as a whole, and start by understanding the claims and obligations of all parties.

It is a little crazy, we do admit, to build a company for an 8-year-old Entrepreneur. But it is not crazy to ask how your CEO will grow into the leadership demands of the organization.



Evelyn-the-Business-Manager: Margaux Amie

Sully-from-Poliy & PR: Josh LaForce

Vinny-the-CTO: Geoffrey Grier

Penelope-the-Principal: Debbon Ayer

Maddie-the-8-year-old-Entrepreneur: Zoe Anastassiou

Delores Payne-Perkins: Margaux Amie


17120: Agile Governance & Watcher Dogs?


Agility begins at the beginning. It’s never just the technology. It’s the people. In particular, it’s the organization. How you structure an organization so that it is discipline, agile, lean? Vinny, the HWMS CTO, explores the ideas of Agility and organizational governance in a new series that begins with this episode. He is helping Maddie rebuild Embisivle Friend, which will now have to be called Watcher Dogs. You start an Agile company the same way you start any other company. You incorporate. You get a board. And then what do you do? Vinny starts the process.




17020: An Unusual CTO and a New Entrepreneur


An unusual CTO and a New Entrepreneur. What will they be doing this spring? Exploring the problems of technology and governance. However for the moment, we give you a quick introduction into the cast members behind Vinny & Maddie



16220: A visit to Bucks of Woodside


Negotiation. Negotiated Technology. How do we start to make the compromises that turn a technology into a product. We sit down with our CTO, Vinny and our Business Manager, Evelyn, in the famous Silicon Valley Restaurant, Bucks of Woodside, to discuss these issues. (And oddly, the waiter looks remarkably like Rohit.) This week, as we get ready for our visit with Historian George Dyson.

This episode introduces new cast member, Geoffrey Grier of San Francisco’s Recovery Theatre.


Bucks of Woodside
Bucks of WoodsideBucks is a well-known Silicon Valley restaurant in the hills north and west of Palo Alto. In common with a certain class of business restaurants, it is decorated in a style that can only be described as “Eclectic junkyard”. Unlike many of these places, the decor has a certain authenticity because it doesn’t seem to have been carefully designed or arranged. The artifacts were acquired by the owner and simply fill the place.

Perhaps unique among such restaurants, the own of Bucks Slide3
apparently made an offer to purchase Lenin’s body after the disintegration of the U. S. S. R.  The exchange of letters between the restaurant owner and a mid-level Russian minister captures both the unconstrained deal making of Silicon Valley with the rapicious actions of Russia’s new oligarchs.   The restaurant offers a price in “the low six figures” and the Russian minister ducks the offer while suggesting that Russia might have some other cultural artifacts that could be purchased for that sum.”