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16435: When a Millennial Trips and Falls


As part of our series investigating the interaction of young workers and technology Anna-the Intern talks with her friend Jenny about the times when ambition outruns reality and when the language of one generation fails another.


  • Sarah Corbyn Woolf as Anna-the-Intern
  • Debbon Ayer as Jenny-the-Acquaintance



16380: The Intern’s Dilemma or Anna gets an interview


How has technology changed the role of interning? What is it like to move from a succession of unpaid jobs to a full time position? Are you really ready to be a full member of the workforce after a couple months of clerical work? The answer lies less with technology but with the nature of the economy, which is, of course, shaped by technology.

This week, our intern Anna considers the problem of trying to become a full time employee.