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16265: Evelyn Hosts a Binge


Time for a Binge. Need something as background for your workout? Or as something to fill a long commute? We have three pieces pulled together in this podcast, all hosted by Evelyn, our Business Manager.

We begin with a visit to the Consumer Technology Show in Las Vegas. Drones were big then. Little did we know.

Next, we attend an all hands office staff meeting. We discuss the themes for the podcast and Anna makes a plea to Elon Musk.

Finally, in something new, we have an essay on Disruptive Technologies from IEEE Computer.



Episode 16110: Where do we go from here?



This is a podcast about technology, about organizations and about people. In this episode, the office staff meet to talk about the goals for the next season, the guests that will be featured, and the things they have accomplished over the last weeks.

Also, Anna the Internet makes an appeal to Elon Musk to help her be the host of the next Binge episode