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17205: Governance, Innovation & Story of a Kid


Evelyn the Business Manager and Rohit from IT preview the upcoming season of the Podcast, How We Manage Stuff. Well, that is what is supposed to happen. Rohit gets obsessed with Googling the phrase “My Bad” and things start to fall apart after that. Yet, in spite of a nasty text, the pair tell you about the stories and ideas for the next episodes of the podcast.


Evelyn the Business Manager: Margaux Amie

Rohit from IT: Noah Masur


16337: Governments and Innovative Technology, A Binge


What do we expect to learn about innovation from a government? Why did we take the podcast to Washington? And why did we take an office next to the Capitol Power Plant, other than the obvious benefits that the rents are cheaper than the tonier stuff and yet we are still near the center of the action? All of this will be discussed in our binge episode, which combines three shorter pieces:

  • Who Are We and What Do We Do?
  • Open Source Discussions
  • It’s Agile but It’s Not Software





16165: The Binge – Don Shafer, The Cycle of Continuous Improvement, Pierre Bourque


A binge of three episodes.  A binge for your workout.  A binge for your commute.  Or just a binge to catch up on the episodes that you missed.

This binge has three episodes from the fall.  In the first Don Shafer of the Athens group talks about deadlines and why software projects can run late.  In the second , Rohit our overly enthusiastic IT guy, explains why Walter P Shewhart, the inventor of the cycle of continuous improvement is so important.  In the last, Pierre Bourque tells us about the Software Engineering Body of Knowledge and why you should know about it, even if you don’t use it.



Episode 16140: People, Lines and Boxes



What happens to an organization when you introduce a new technology?

Before we answer that question, we listen to a public services announcement from Anna, the intern. She feels that she knows what we need to know, and she is going to give us that information whether we like it or not.

We think of technology as changing the position or function of workers. This is true but it also changes the status of workers as well. Status is not merely the standing of an individual in a group. It measures communication, effectiveness and charisma (a quality that Anna particularly loves.) While technology changes position and function in predictable ways, it can produce unanticipated changes on status. It can even bring an intern and her little dog into prominence.



The ideas in this episode come from the work of Frank Levy and Richard Murnane, The new division of labor : how computers are creating the next job market,  Princeton University Press, c2004; as well as the classic ideas of Peter Drucker, The new society; the anatomy of the industrial order, Harper, 1950.


Episode 16150: What We Are & What We Do



Smart. Informed. Humorous. Every episode should make you feel a little smarter, a bit better informed and, perhaps, that you can laugh at the foibles of the world. Today, Tamara and David talk about the goals of the podcast and show how it can work for you.



Episode 15313: Binge Episode – The Aspects of Agile



Anna-the-Intern introduces this binge episode that incorporates three discussions of Agile Development & Management:


240: How fast is fast enough

250: The Agile Designer

2600: What you see is what you get