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17335: A Holiday for Statistics


How do you think about data? How do you you look for an office in Bangalore?

And how do you deal with a country that has a holiday for statistics?

This episode starts with with the Stats Holiday, moves through a real estate agent brimming with confidence in his own ability to understand the client’s needs, and ends with a staff member who dreams of a new office within walking distance of a Premier League Cricket Stadium.

What does all this tell you about Big Data? That it is only part of our business experience.


  • Sonam Powar As Jameela, the Bangalore Office Manager
  • Margaux Amie as Evelyn, the Business Manager
  • Josh LaForce as Sulley, from Policy
  • Ron Bianchi as Deepak, the The Bengaluru Real Estate Agent
  • Noah Masur as Rohit from IT



17225: Programs, Expertise and Cooking


Is programming a skill unique to itself or can we learn some fundamental lessons from other fields. Cooking perhaps. In this episode, the podcast goes to one of its favorite restaurants – Washington DC’s Green Rice and Natto – to create an episode that looks at the different kinds of skills you need as a programmer.

We also learn about the Pepperoni Bento Box, which seems to be a unique blend of cuisines.


Katje Kuksenok: Herself

Rohit from IT:Noah Masur

Felipe, the cook:Josh LaForce

Christine the Sous Chef:Zoe Anastassiou


17110: Drones, Lattes & Intellectual Property


So here’s the problem. It’s Thoughts not Things. Ideas not Machines. The High Tech world is involved with making ideas real. So what rights do you have to ideas? Especially when your new autonomous drone latte delivery system has a certain resemblance to a hot chocolate radio commercial from the 1960s. Or to the legend of Paul Bunyan draining Oregon’s Crate Lake in order to make a bowl of Pea Soup? After demonstrating his system at the Consumer Electronics Show, Rohit races these issues when he receives a Cease and Desist Letter.




16405: Seattle & the Problems of an Innovative Organization


This fall, the podcast moves to Seattle. Such moves keep us flexible, agile, ready to face any task. Well, perhaps any task. There is this problem with slugs. However, we’re in Seattle to consider the attributes of an innovative organization. In the process, we’re looking at four attributes: Vision, Refinement, Socialization, and Decision-making. But to do that, we have to settle into our office. A local property manager is some help (though not much) and our hardworking intern puts down her box of material to deliver the lyrical speech “Rohit that Slug had a mother.”



16365: The Final Principle of Science Policy ( & Maddie comes to DC)


It’s the last idea in Vannevar Bush’s list of principles to guide science policy and it is enshrined in law but it is really an observation of a fundamental conflict, the conflict between the interests of scientists and the interests of the public. The balance between these two communities is dynamic, we make adjustments as the needs of society change but at the same time, the heads of science agencies are responsible to the citizenry and must behave that way.

UnknownThe principle  is illustrated by the story of Allen V Astin, the Director of the National Bureau of Standards in the 1950s and the father of a well known comedic actor of the 1960s.

And our  cast slowly returns.  Rohit from IT is back from his term of public service and the 8 year old entrepreneur Maddie finds her way to Washington.




16350: You Can Touch the Merchandise but You Can’t Run the Store


With this episode, we approach the 4th principle of science & technology policy, the 4th fundamental idea of Vannevar Bush. The principle is simple: in funding research the government has the right to alter the organization of the recipient and yet, government-sponsored research is one of the driving forces behind the industrialization of the university. So what happens to this conundrum? This week on How We Manage Stuff.

Plus Rohit is still arrested and is not doing himself any favors.