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17910: Position, Function, Status – How Technology Changers Our Lives


We Read It So You Don’t Have to. There is so much new information published every day that one person can’t possible read it all much less get any perspective on it. Take Automation, Autonomous Cars, Machine Learning. All of these technologies pose new challenges to the organization and at the same time, they represent forces that are quite old. In this episode, we take a look at a new book on these topics, Industry 4.0, and an old one Automation.


Sullivan from the Policy Office & Cohost: Josh LaForce

Evelyn the Business Manager & Cohost: Margaux Amie


Episode 16150: What We Are & What We Do



Smart. Informed. Humorous. Every episode should make you feel a little smarter, a bit better informed and, perhaps, that you can laugh at the foibles of the world. Today, Tamara and David talk about the goals of the podcast and show how it can work for you.