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17710: Manage for Profit, or for Use, or for a Good Lunch


What’s the best way to manage technology?

Build a strong, highly structured organization?

Or do you just build a market and let the laws of supply and demand decide?

Our staff meets at a farmer’s market near the Washington Office to decide just such questions.  The answer, it turns out, involves Task Rabbits, a subway pass, and an order of Home-Made Potato Chips


    • Debbon Ayer as Penelope Othmar, Principal of the Lillian Moller Gilbreth School
    • Josh LaForce as Sullivan from Policy and PR
    • Ron Bianchi as Bix, the Master Scrum Master
    • Zoe Anastassiou as the impatient Customer



17205: Governance, Innovation & Story of a Kid


Evelyn the Business Manager and Rohit from IT preview the upcoming season of the Podcast, How We Manage Stuff. Well, that is what is supposed to happen. Rohit gets obsessed with Googling the phrase “My Bad” and things start to fall apart after that. Yet, in spite of a nasty text, the pair tell you about the stories and ideas for the next episodes of the podcast.


Evelyn the Business Manager: Margaux Amie

Rohit from IT: Noah Masur


17122: Jugaad Innovation – We Read It So You Don’t Have To


We Read It So You Don’t Have To. We regularly look at new books on technology or organization. Today, we look at an Indian book on Jugaad Innovation and ask “How is it really different from an American book?” Jameela, our Bangalore Office Manager, as always, has ideas. Lots of ideas.


Jameela from Bangalore: Sonam Powar


17130: The Overhire & The Young Tech Employee


What do your young tech employees think about their organization? Especially those that are still learning about organizations and how they operate? We know that they have trouble putting their ideas into words and that they often talk about their concerns in an oblique way. (Though we all do that to some extent.) We also know that they are particularly sensitive to overhire, to a new supervisor that restricts their freedom.

This episode explores some of those issues, through the eyes of Rohit, our IT Guy. Rohit has recently realized that the newly hired Bix-the-Scrum-Master is actually his boss.



Rohit-from-IT:  Noah Masur

Evelyn-the-Business-Manager: Margaux Amie

Sully-from-Poliy & PR: Josh LaForce

Zack-the-friend-of-Rohit:  Josh LaForce

Jenny-the-friend-of-Anna: Debbon Ayer


Episode 16120: The Unnamed Episode with Guest Tiffany Norwood



What happens when you are developing big technology? Perhaps you are helping to build a global radio network. How do requirements emerge? How do you respond? This week’s guest helps us to understand these issues. It is Tiffany Norwood, who was part of the Worldspace team, the startup that became the company now known as XM-Sirius.




The founding of XM radio has been the subject of a well-known series of Case Studies by faculty that the Harvard Business School.

Godes, David B.   (07/01/2003).  XM Satellite Radio (A). Harvard Business School Cases.  p. 1 – 25.

Godes, David B., and Elie Ofek. “XM Satellite Radio (B).” Harvard Business School Supplement 504-065, January 2004. (Revised March 2004.)

Godes, David B., and Elie Ofek. “XM Satellite Radio (C): The Next Generation of Radio Receivers.” Harvard Business School Case 505-015, September 2004. (Revised August 2007.)

The NAACP Magazine The New Crisis has a profile on Worldspace founder Noah Samara.  It helps to give a richer view of the founding of XM radio. 



Episode 15316: Binge on a new Idea



Anna-the-Intern one more substitutes for the missing hosts and introduces this binge episode that incorporates the three episodes that started the discussion on Agile methods & Management:


210: What’s in a name?

220: What is new about Agile?

230: The Agile Manifesto