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Computing for the Season: Songs of Comfort & Joy


Every field has its seasons, its rituals, its traditions, its myths.  Information technology, too, has stories that it tells  at certain times of the year.  In that spirit, we offer a myth from the ancient of days, which is to say the 1950s.


Anna-the-intern narrates this year’s presentation of “Songs of Comfort and Joy,” As she notes, it is not really a seasonal story. Is is fable about Agile Development. In such fables, a a group of self-organized programmers, working from the ground, work together to produce working that code that corrects mistakes made by their nemesis, which is to say management. It is a lovely story that reminds us that when the going get tough, the tough go programming – at every season of the year.



16347: Who Are These People? & What Do They Do?


A good friend always says that solo acts don’t work, that a board is always smarter than a a CEO. In podcasts, the rule seems to be that the collective adds interests. Over the past year, we have created a staff to illustrate the main points of the podcast and identify some of the absurdities of our subject. This podcast is a brief introduction to that staff.



16305: It Makes You Feel Smarter


Rohit explains why and how you should listen to “How We Manage Stuff.” “It you feel smarter,” he says, “And it also makes you feel at home.” This is a quick summery before we start the next series. The hosts are out of the office. Anna the Intern is at PANIC, the Professional Assistants, Networkers, and Interns Conference. Next week, a new series that looks at how government policy shapes software develops



Episode 15316: Binge on a new Idea



Anna-the-Intern one more substitutes for the missing hosts and introduces this binge episode that incorporates the three episodes that started the discussion on Agile methods & Management:


210: What’s in a name?

220: What is new about Agile?

230: The Agile Manifesto