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17191: Maddie: the 8-old Entrepreneur – Part 1


When you are trying to explain the subtleties of organizational politics or the nature of corporate governance, or the difficulty of making strategic decisions, nothing is more useful than an 8-year old entrepreneur.

Little did we know that she would become so central to podcast but she was the product of a need, a talented actor and a moment of inspiration.

Maddie was an afterthought, a character invented to fill an episode but quickly she became the way of exploring the mind of young CEOs. She had no fear. She did things because she could.She had a hard time shaking a minor grudge and yet would be distracted by a puppy. Underneath all of that was a leader who was trying to find her way.

In this episode, we have assembled and re-editted some of the first stories, so that you can appreciate how she thinks and how we all become leaders.


Maddie: Zoe Anastasiou

Penelope Othmar, Principal: Debbon Ayer

Vinny the CTO: Geoffrey Grier

Evelyne the Business Manager: Margaux Amie

Airport Official: Josh LaForce


17120: Agile Governance & Watcher Dogs?


Agility begins at the beginning. It’s never just the technology. It’s the people. In particular, it’s the organization. How you structure an organization so that it is discipline, agile, lean? Vinny, the HWMS CTO, explores the ideas of Agility and organizational governance in a new series that begins with this episode. He is helping Maddie rebuild Embisivle Friend, which will now have to be called Watcher Dogs. You start an Agile company the same way you start any other company. You incorporate. You get a board. And then what do you do? Vinny starts the process.




Episode 16120: The Unnamed Episode with Guest Tiffany Norwood



What happens when you are developing big technology? Perhaps you are helping to build a global radio network. How do requirements emerge? How do you respond? This week’s guest helps us to understand these issues. It is Tiffany Norwood, who was part of the Worldspace team, the startup that became the company now known as XM-Sirius.




The founding of XM radio has been the subject of a well-known series of Case Studies by faculty that the Harvard Business School.

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The NAACP Magazine The New Crisis has a profile on Worldspace founder Noah Samara.  It helps to give a richer view of the founding of XM radio.