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17110: Drones, Lattes & Intellectual Property


So here’s the problem. It’s Thoughts not Things. Ideas not Machines. The High Tech world is involved with making ideas real. So what rights do you have to ideas? Especially when your new autonomous drone latte delivery system has a certain resemblance to a hot chocolate radio commercial from the 1960s. Or to the legend of Paul Bunyan draining Oregon’s Crate Lake in order to make a bowl of Pea Soup? After demonstrating his system at the Consumer Electronics Show, Rohit races these issues when he receives a Cease and Desist Letter.




17010: The Trillion Shot Latte: Drone Delivered Coffee @CES


We’re not in any of the main exhibit halls at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show.   Raytheon or someone like that got there first. We didn’t make it into the rump group at the Sands Hotel.   However, we were able to secure a nice place in the parking lot next to the Sanchez Family Taco truck.  We also were able to plan a podcast demo for the Hoover Dam: The Worlds Largest Drone Delivered Latte every witnessed on a podcast.  You’ll hear about it on this episode.





16265: Evelyn Hosts a Binge


Time for a Binge. Need something as background for your workout? Or as something to fill a long commute? We have three pieces pulled together in this podcast, all hosted by Evelyn, our Business Manager.

We begin with a visit to the Consumer Technology Show in Las Vegas. Drones were big then. Little did we know.

Next, we attend an all hands office staff meeting. We discuss the themes for the podcast and Anna makes a plea to Elon Musk.

Finally, in something new, we have an essay on Disruptive Technologies from IEEE Computer.



Episode 16105: What does the future hold?



This week. “How We Manage Stuff” is podcasting live at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Of course, you need to remember that podcasting is not a live medium. That is called “streaming” and we don’t do it yet.) We take a quick look at the CES booths and try to determine the important new technology for the year.