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17210: Big Problems with Big Data


Big Data. It gives you facts. It tells you what is really happening. It has Volume, Varity, Velocity, Veracity and, of course, Vexation of Spirit. Vexation can come with the data, no matter how much you have of it, tells you more about the structure that gathered it than the truth of any matter. When you have that, you have a problem called Simpson’s Paradox – the bane of Big Data.


Evelyn the Business Manager: Margaux Amie

Rohit from IT: Noah Masur

Anna The Intern: Sarah Corbyn Woolf

Chuck of Acme Products: Ron Bianchi


16370: Emvisible Friends: Privacy in an Connected Age


What is privacy in the digital age and how do we defend it for the consumer? Especially when we want to have Pokemon Go. Our guest this week is Federal Trade Commissioner Maureen Ohlhausen, who talks about the role of her agency is defending consumer privacy.

And then there is Maddie, our 8-year old entrepreneur who has a new app called Embisivle Friends, which may push the boundaries of privacy because it is an app that is written by kids that collects data on kids.



16230: Scientific Observation with George Dyson


We now live in the age of Big Data and believe that numbers hold the answers to all our problems.  But in dealing with technology, it is useful to return to first principles and start by asking what assumptions underly our data and whether or not those assumptions are true.


UnknownOur guest this week is George Dyson, a historian of technology, a futurist and a kayak builder from Bellingham Washington.