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17625: The Source of Agile


Agile Ideas. Agile Development. Agile Software. Agile, and its variants, are the methods of modern industry and modern commerce. Yet, they are as old as industry itself. They become prominent when circumstances demand it.

Anna and Rohit read one of the founding texts of the Agile movement, The Machine That Changed the World and explain why they read it so you don’t have to.


  • Sarah Corbyn Woolf as Anna-the-Intern
  • Noah Masur as Rohit from IT
  • Ralph E. Flanders, in a cameo appearance
  • Mr. Skippy as himself



Episode 16160: Guest Daryl Belock of Thermo-Fisher Scientific



Agile. We think of it as a way of developing software. Or managing projects. It came from the auto industry. Toyota to be exact. Yet, we are still a little surprised when we see it used to develop physical goods. In this episode, Guest Daryl Belock of Thermo-Fisher Scientific tells us how he uses Agile methods in his work.

Of course, this happens only after Anna the Intern discovers that Agile methods have nothing to do with corporations.


Episode 15313: Binge Episode – The Aspects of Agile



Anna-the-Intern introduces this binge episode that incorporates three discussions of Agile Development & Management:


240: How fast is fast enough

250: The Agile Designer

2600: What you see is what you get