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17135: The Agile Board


Agility begins at home. Or more to the point, it begins with the board. Too often, companies are organized conventionally and then the CEO tries to make the Agile by applying various tricks and procedures. As Vinny argues in today’s episode, you really need to start at the top, think of the company as a whole, and start by understanding the claims and obligations of all parties.

It is a little crazy, we do admit, to build a company for an 8-year-old Entrepreneur. But it is not crazy to ask how your CEO will grow into the leadership demands of the organization.



Evelyn-the-Business-Manager: Margaux Amie

Sully-from-Poliy & PR: Josh LaForce

Vinny-the-CTO: Geoffrey Grier

Penelope-the-Principal: Debbon Ayer

Maddie-the-8-year-old-Entrepreneur: Zoe Anastassiou

Delores Payne-Perkins: Margaux Amie


Episode 260: What you see is what you get


It’s an old truism, old, that is, for the high tech world. Our development teams look like our software architectures. What does this mean for us and our work? What is the Agile response to this idea? The general approach by Agile promotes self-organization but this may not always be the best idea.



Episode 240: How Fast is Fast Enough?


It’s supposed to be fast. At least, we are supposed to think of Agile methods as fast. A new build every week, every day, every hour (if possible). But speed is more a tool than than an end. Furthermore, how you use the speed depends on what you are trying to achieve.



Episode 210: Agile Methods: What is in a Name


What does it mean to be Agile? Why is it good? And why might we think that there is a Pre-School in Silicon Valley entirely devoted to disruptive innovation? David Alan Grier and Tamara Carleton start their fall podcast season by attempting to make sense of a current trend in technology & management.