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17625: The Source of Agile


Agile Ideas. Agile Development. Agile Software. Agile, and its variants, are the methods of modern industry and modern commerce. Yet, they are as old as industry itself. They become prominent when circumstances demand it.

Anna and Rohit read one of the founding texts of the Agile movement, The Machine That Changed the World and explain why they read it so you don’t have to.


  • Sarah Corbyn Woolf as Anna-the-Intern
  • Noah Masur as Rohit from IT
  • Ralph E. Flanders, in a cameo appearance
  • Mr. Skippy as himself



17120: Agile Governance & Watcher Dogs?


Agility begins at the beginning. It’s never just the technology. It’s the people. In particular, it’s the organization. How you structure an organization so that it is discipline, agile, lean? Vinny, the HWMS CTO, explores the ideas of Agility and organizational governance in a new series that begins with this episode. He is helping Maddie rebuild Embisivle Friend, which will now have to be called Watcher Dogs. You start an Agile company the same way you start any other company. You incorporate. You get a board. And then what do you do? Vinny starts the process.




16337: Governments and Innovative Technology, A Binge


What do we expect to learn about innovation from a government? Why did we take the podcast to Washington? And why did we take an office next to the Capitol Power Plant, other than the obvious benefits that the rents are cheaper than the tonier stuff and yet we are still near the center of the action? All of this will be discussed in our binge episode, which combines three shorter pieces:

  • Who Are We and What Do We Do?
  • Open Source Discussions
  • It’s Agile but It’s Not Software





16310: Bicoastal Innovation


The podcast moves to our Washington offices in order to explore technology policy and how the Federal government can possibly be considered agile & innovative. Evelyn packs the office. Rohit adjusts the systems, Anna but Maddie is told that she has to stay home and go to school. All of this while we start to explore the basic principles of how a democratic government deals with technology and how it might be an agent of innovation while not being particularly innovative itself.



vannevar bushIn this episode, we start exploring the ideas of Vannevar Bush, who articulated the basic principles that the U. S. Government follows when it deals with the scientific community. They are not perfect. They may not always work. But they have been fairly successful for the past 70 years.


16205: Holding up the House of Cards


A letter to the editor. A change of staff. A new idea. A pitch to the CEO when the CTO would do. And a moment of chaos. The new series of How We Manage Stuff begins by asking how we handle changes in the technological environment.


Note on Scrum Sessions & Letter to the Editor:

HWMS actually did receive an inquiry about the length of Scrum sessions. The answer came from a paper presented at the 2012 Agile conference by Shiohama et al. There is not a large literature on this question, which is perhaps why it came to our attention. For those of you who do not know Scrum methods, they are a variation of Lean production or Agile development. One of its features is that it divides the task into short term goals. The entire development team will work towards these goals in an intense activity that is often called a sprint. Usually, the term “scrum” refers to the morning meeting or “standup” that occurs during the sprint.


Episode 15316: Binge on a new Idea



Anna-the-Intern one more substitutes for the missing hosts and introduces this binge episode that incorporates the three episodes that started the discussion on Agile methods & Management:


210: What’s in a name?

220: What is new about Agile?

230: The Agile Manifesto



Episode 15313: Binge Episode – The Aspects of Agile



Anna-the-Intern introduces this binge episode that incorporates three discussions of Agile Development & Management:


240: How fast is fast enough

250: The Agile Designer

2600: What you see is what you get