Confront and Advise



You don’t talk.  It’s “complicated.”

You don’t act.  It’s “complicated.”

You don’t know what to do.  It’s…

You can see the pattern.

Our consulting at BKL Coffee Logistics has been strained.  This owner had this grad idea to start the job and then vanish to a retreat in the Swiss Alps.  He wanted to keep out of the way, he said.  He wanted to let things take their course.

He may have had a plan.

He may have been improvising.

He may have been frightened.

But today, a brave niece tries to get an honest conversation started.  A niece who has a career that is only vaguely related to coffee.

Ninth episode in a series on the ins and outs of tech consulting.


  • Kit, Director of Consulting – Kit Kuksenok
  • Klara, niece of owner of BKL – Sahara Ale 
  • Peter, Friend of Florian  – Ron Bianchi
  • Florian Bohne, Owner BKL – Josh LaForce
  • Ida, Friend of Florian  – Debbon Ayer



Help from our Russian Advisor


You don’t think about the deals.

Well, most people don’t.

But Victor does, Victor on the Audio Drama How We Manage Stuff.

Victor is always looking for a way to “make the economy more efficient” to improve the return on your investment.  And when he does this, he hears things that are not always well understood.

An introduction to Victor Numerov.


  • Victor, from BKL – Jake Minevich