Computing for the Season: Songs of Comfort & Joy


Every field has its seasons, its rituals, its traditions, its myths.  Information technology, too, has stories that it tells  at certain times of the year.  In that spirit, we offer a myth from the ancient of days, which is to say the 1950s.


Anna-the-intern narrates this year’s presentation of “Songs of Comfort and Joy,” As she notes, it is not really a seasonal story. Is is fable about Agile Development. In such fables, a a group of self-organized programmers, working from the ground, work together to produce working that code that corrects mistakes made by their nemesis, which is to say management. It is a lovely story that reminds us that when the going get tough, the tough go programming – at every season of the year.



Why Do We Code? (Computer Science Week)


Why do we need to learn to code? Really. Can’t we just get an app and be done with it? A bunch of tech people are giving us a bunch of reasons to do it but they are, in all honesty, silly. Fix a web page? Add a function to your spreadsheet? Have these people never heard of the law of comparative advantage?

In this episode, reposted from Computer Science Week, Maddie, our model of the perfect CEO gets to the point. We need to learn to code because that is how we now think. We live in a world of programs and code. Hence we need to understand what programs and code do to our thinking.


  • Zoe Anastassiou as Maddie the CEO
  • Noah Masur as Rohit from IT